Corporate apparel do provide a sense of consistency and brand affinity to customers and employees

Our apparel printing service ia a great, cost effective way to apply your logo or image to almost any garment. Screen printing is an excellent choice if you are wanting to apply large graphics to your garments.

Work With Us To Bring Your Project To Life

We offers a variety of screen printing services like direct to garment printing, cad cut vinyl heat pressing, color  vinyl heat pressing, sublimation printing and of course traditional screen printing.

The method we use to print your t-shirts will depend on the design, number of colors, quantity and also the garment fabric. We have over 14 years experience in printing and will do our best to advise the client on to best bring their project to fruition.

Silk screen Printing

We create silk screens with your design burned into the fine mesh. Special ink is then pushed through the mesh with a squeegee, directly onto the fabric. The garment is then sent into a huge dryer to be cured.

The large majority of jobs are printed with plastisol inks because they are the most production friendly inks. Plastisol inks do not dry in the screen and can be cured rapidly in the dryer. Moreover it can be printed wet on wet which speeds up production further.

Dye Sublimation

Is a digital process where ink is first printed onto sublimation transfer paper which is then heat pressed onto a synthetic garment under great pressure and heat.

The dye sublimation ink vaporises and penetrates into synthetic garment (usually polyester). Upon cooling the dye particles are trapped in the garment which results in a colorful printed product of great durability and soft hand – you cannot feel the ink.

Digital Print (DTG)

DTG printing is the process where a printer applies a specially formulated water-based ink in directly onto the garment, using inkjet technology. Think of a paper printer, only bigger.

This method doesn’t require setup fees and is minimal upfront cost. The turnaround is fast and it can’t print multiple design at the time without limitation in colors.

DTG is great for photographic and fine detail. When it comes to print files please supply your art at 300dpi or above.

We are not limited to printing onto t-shirts or apparel.

We can also screen print tote bags, cushions, pillow cases, tea towels,hats, high visibility workwear, etc. As long as the surface is flat and the material can withstand the heat of curing the ink, we can print on it.