Embroidery that empowers your brand

A professional appearance will set you apart

Your business apparel proyects the image that your service is dedicated. Any item that has your business name must show it was done with care.
Los Angeles World Embroidery provides high-quality service in a cost-effective way for you to project your brand and attract customers.

Our Embroidery Service Process in few steps

Whether you want to offer personalized polo shirts for an event or to create a cohesive look for your company, we are able to produce just what you have in mind.

When you choose custom embroidery, your design will be digitized via computer and then stitched directly onto the item of your choice with a high-quality, state of the art embroidery machines.

1. Send Us Your Logo

You Submit your design, we will clean it up and figure the best way to make it look great in your garment.

One thing to keep in mind when planning your custom embroidery design is how many colors you are including. The number of different colors adds to the complexity of the project.

Your image needs to be large, clear, simple, and clean as possible in order for your logo to translate well. Fine lines, tiny details or gradients can easily lose clarity in embroidery. Text is better above a ¼ inch high.


In order to embroider any logo, a digitized file is necessary.

Digitizing is the process of changing your design into a digital code that provides the instructions to the embroidery machine’s in operation system.

Those instructions include what type of needles are to be used, thread weight, and thread color. We send you an embroidery simulation for approval.

3. Niddles & Threads

The machine is programmed by the operator to sew the design in a particular color sequence and a particular sewing speed.

The embroiderer sets up the colors of the thread, assign the colors, add backing to the fabric and insert the necessary accessory to the machine.

The time it takes to embroider the items is based on the stitch count for the design. The more stitches the design has, the longer it takes the machine to embroider them.

At final stage the embroidery is trimmed and finished. The same design can be embroidered on a variety of products from hats to polo shirts and more.

4. Pack & Ship

We ship the order on time and provide them with a UPS tracking number and guaranteed delivery date.

Each individual piece goes through a quality assurance and we are proud of the care and handling of your order that can save valuable time and money. 

You may ask:
Is Embroidery Durable?

Quality embroidery thread is designed to stand up to heavy laundering with colors that won’t fade in wash water as hot as 203 degrees F. It is more common for a shirt to wear out before the embroidered image does.

But ultimately the durability depends on how the design has been properly sequenced to minimize color changes, jump stitches and overlaps, a variety of stitch types and angles are used to balance out the push, pull, and flow of the design, underlay is a strong foundation.

Some shop may offer you a better price, but the quality of the stitching is what is important if you want your apparel to last.